Maicath - Non-ported
Maicath - ported
MaiFlon-Small wing non-ported

PlainCath-Non-ported- without wing

IV Cannula - with Luer Extension Tubing

Scalp Vein

3 & 4 way Stopcock

Manifold - Multiple Port

 Infusion Set: With Injection Bulb

 Infusion Set With "Y" injection site (Safety/Normal)

 Infusion Set With needle less sampling port

 Infusion Set With Back - check Valve

Infusion Set-With inline - Filter

For infusion Pump

Burette I. V. Infusion Set-With "V" Injection Site

Filter Set  

Flow Regulator

Transfer Set

Extension Tube

Extension Tube Male / Female

Extension Tube Male / Male

High pressure Extension Line

Infusion Accessories

Blood Transfusion Set

Burette - Blood Administration Set

Blood Transfusion Set With manual pressure pump

Blood Filter Set

Legitimate Volumetric Pump

Adhesive Fixer

SMMP Infusion Pump

SMMP Syringe Pump


Disposable hypodermic Needle

Single Use Syringes

Angiography (Control) Syringe

50/60 mI. Syringe

Irrigation Syringe

Tuberculin/Heparin/Allergy testing Syringes

Insulin Syringe


Umbilical Catheter

Umbilical Cord Clamp

Circumcision device

Fetal Scalp Electrode

Amnion Hook

Vaginal Dilator

Post Operative Care

Suction Catheter

Funnel Control Connector

Free Tracheal Closed Suction Set

Feeding Tube:

Free Tracheal Closed Suction Set: Adult

Ryle's Tube:

Wound Drainage: Bellows Pump

High Vacuum

2000/3000 Thoracic

Wound Drainage: Bellows Pump  2

Crystal Clear Glass Bottle

Thoracic Catheter

Tubing Set


Nelaton Catheter:

40 cm. Male

Tiemann Catheter

Foley Balloon Catheter: 

Way Foley Balloon Catheter

All Silicone 2 Way Foley Balloon Catheter

Supra Pubic Catheter:

Long term Drainage set.

Ureteric Catheter:

Ureteral Stent:

Long term Drainage set.

Steerable Ureteral Stent Sets:

Nephrostomy Set:

Seldinger technique for drainage of urine and viscous fluid


Basket - Catheter Set

Universal Stone Basket:


Vacuum Tube:

Multi Sample Needle:

Multi Sample Holder & Adaptor:


Saliva Suction Tube:

Dental Probe:

Dental Forceps

Dental Kits:

Patient Kit

First Check - Up Kit

Dental Check - Up Kit

Double Dental Kit

Triple Dental Kit


Spinal/Lumber Puncture Needle:"Pencil Point"

Spinal/Lumber Puncture Needle:Quincke Bevel

Spinal I Lumber Puncture Needle:Straight Bevel


Epidural Catheter:

Intra discal Needle:

Central Venous Pressure Monitoring Kits

Pressure Monitoring Kit

Biopsy and Bone Marrow Aspiration:


Oxygen Nasal Cannula:

Oxygen Mask

Aerosol Mask

Venturi Mask:

Nebulizer with Mask

Oxygen Catheter


Endotracheal Tubes Oral/Nasal:Cuffed


Reinforced Cuffed

Endotracheal Tubes Pre-formed

Endotracheal Tubes Pre-formed:(South Facing) Oral- Cuffed

Endotracheal Tubes Pre-formed:(South Facing) Oral- Un-Cuffed

(North Facing) Nasal - Cuffed

Intubating Stylet:

(North Facing) Nasal - Uncuffed

Tracheostomy Tube:

All-Silicone Tracheotomy Tube


Guedel Airway:

Berman Airway

Nasopharyngeal Airway:

Catheter Mounts:

Laryngeal Airway:

Anesthetic Breathing Circuits: Corrugated anesthesia circuits

Corrugated anesthesia circuits with Limb

Corrugated anesthesia circuits with Limb, breathing bag

Extendible Corrugated with Limb breathing bag

Smooth Bore with Limb breathing bag

Smooth Bore Anesthesia Ciruit

Ventilation Circuits Single Water Trap:

Ventilation Circuits Double Water Trap:  

Smooth Bore with Limb

IPPB Circuits: Corrugated

Smooth Bore

Proximal Pressure Line Circuits:

Smooth Bore with Limb

Corrugated Double with Limb

Smooth Bore Double with Limb

B.P.A.P & C.P.A.P Circuits: B.P.A.P Circuits For Spontaneous Flow Generator

Pleated Hydrophobic Bacterial/Viral

Pleated Hydrophobic Bacterial/Viral Filters


Electrostatic Breathing Filters and HME's

Electrostatic Breathing Filters and HME's

Reusable - Silicone Mask

First Aid Resuscitation Mask

Disposable (PVC)

Reusable (Silicone)

Child / Infant

Conventional Set

Fiber optic Set

Blade for Conventional Laryngoscope

Tracheostomy Mask:

Disposable Plastic Blade


Central Venous Catheter Set:

Double Lumen Catheter Set

Triple Lumen Catheter Set 

PTFE Coated Guide wires

Acute Peritoneal Catheter Set:

Acute Peritoneal Catheter Set-Permthane

Dialysis Catheter Single Lumen Catheter Sets

Dialysis Catheter
Dialysis Catheter Double lumen Catheter Set

Permthane Dual lumen Catheter & Set

Perm thane Triple Lumen Catheter & Set

Fistula Needle

AN fistula - Single Needle

"Y" Connector For Single Needle Dialysis

Haemoflow Blood Lines:

Polysulphone Low Flux

Polysulphone High Flu

Clearances (ml.l min.) :

Synthetic Modified Cellulose Acetate

Clearances (ml/min.)

Sodium Bicarbonate Cartridge:

Dialysis Machine:

Clean Cart A & C:


Vacuum Tube:

Multi Sample Needle:

Multi Sample Holder & Adaptor:

Admission Kit:

Suture Removal Kit :

Blood Exchange Transfusion Tray :

Disposable Circumcision Tray :

Basic Soft Tissue Biopsy Tray Without Needle :

Bone Marrow Biopsy & Aspiration Trays :

Economy Bone Marrow Biopsy & Aspiration TRays :

Lumbar Puncture Trays :

Thoracentesis & Paracentesis Trays:

Paracervical prudental block trays:

Single- Deck Spinal Anesthesia Trays: