"Y" Connector For Single Needle Dialysis
Double / Triple / Quadruple line.

Male / Female luer lock connector.

Total length lO-12cm.

Each tube 5-6cm with blue & red clamp.

Made of medical grade material, PVC, PP, PE.




 364 - 2000

 Double Line

 364 - 3000

 Triple Line

 364 - 4000

 Quadruple Line


* Other tube length available on request.


Haemoflo Arterial and Venous Blood Lines for haemodialysis

With, Luer connectors , which,- allow, safe connection to
haemodialzer  vascl1iar access & various perfusion lines

AII connectors complied with BSEN 1283.

Color code, red for aarterial Line, blue for venous line.
Nadeof medical grade ,material/'PVC; HDPE,~PP,' ASS.
Custom ,madeavailable'fonmost-c:omrnortdii3lys!s


i e (Bio 2000, Fresenius Braun, Hospal, Coe and


Single needle or Double needle
Pediatric / Adult.

Reference Dialysis machine model
041-AK10A Gambro AK - 10 (Adult)
041-AK10P Gambro model - 10 Paediatric or (50 ~ 60 ml Priming)
041-AK10HF Gambro AK -10 aemofiltration Tubing Set
041-AK90 Gambro AK - 90
041-95AP Gambro AK - 95 AP
041-95AG Gambro AK - 95 AG
041-95XAP Gambro AK - 95 with expansion chamber - AP
041-95XAG Gambro AK - 95 with expansion chamber - AG
041-AK100 Gambro AK - 100
041-200AG Gambro AK - 200-AG
041-200AP Gambro AK - 200-AP
041-AKSR Gambro AK95/AK95s/AK100/AK200/AK200s
043-DN22 Fresenius D/N Ø22 for local, moda, mishari, qatar - Universal
043-AN22 Fresenius Double Needle Ø22 SGH Model
043-DN30 Fresenius D/N Ø30 SGH Model
043-DN30 Fresenius D/N Ø30 for local, moda, mishari , qatar - Universal
043-DN92 Fresenius 2008 Hemodialysis 92ml Priming Volume
043-DN19 Fresenius 2008/4008 Allmed AV/417/19+C
043-SNDP Fresenius Machine Single Needle
042-BDSP Braun Dialog Single Pump
042-HDF Dialog Single Pump
042-BS400 Braun Secura 400ml
042-BS600 Braun Secura 600ml
042-BSSN braun Secura 600ml Double Pump (Single Needle)
044-HPI Hospal Integra
045-COBC Cobe Centry
046-RSTA Redy Set 2000 (Adult)
046-RSTP Redy Set 2000 (Pediatric)
047-DNPP Dimax Nippro (Adult) Double Needle
048-Bellco Bellco
771-2000 Transurethral Resection Y- Type
770-2000 Transurethral Resection Single Type








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