I.V. adhesive Fixer:

For secure, firm and breathable IV fixation.
 Non-woven or film.
Coated with hypoallergenic adhesive.
Avoids skin irritation and maceration.
Porous structure allows skin perspiration.
Made of medical grade material, PE.



 436 -1000

 Non woven

 436 - 2000






SMMP Infusion Pump:




 Linear Propulsion System

 Linear Peristaltic

 Flow Rate

 0.1 to 600 ml/hr, 0.1 ml/hr. increment

 Volume Limit

 9999 ml.

 Time Limit

 From 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes


 Conventional, 3.6 - 4 mm. PVC Tube


 Mllhr x volume Limit, Time x Volume Limit,

 Weight x Concentration x Dosage.

 Occlusion pressure

 0 - 990 mmHg/0-120 kPa

 Special Functions

 Titration Fluid Balance


 3 ml/hr or less depending on the flow rate


 600 ml/h

 Flow rate deviation with standard

 + 5% of programmed flow rate

 tubing air detection in line


 Ultra-sonic sensor


 End of battery Power - End of Infusion


 Fluid balance - Incorrect flow rate (free flow)


 Running in KVO Occlusion - Door Open


 No drops - Infusion completed

 Visual and lor Sound Alarms

 Low battery - Programming Error

 Power Supply

 110 - 230 volts, 50/60 Hz.


 NiCd or NiMH, Rechargeable


 2.5 kg.

 Width x Height x Length

 150 x 200 x 170 mm.


 NBR IEC 60601.1

 NBR IEC 60601.2.24

SMMP linear pump was projected for conventional macro or micro-drip
tubing, without the need for flow rate adjustments. Its need for drop
counting or consideration of infused drug viscosity.
Many technological innovations were incorporated to the equipment
that improved convenience for the user and safety to the patient.
These innovations include the ultrasonic air detector and adjustable
pressure sensor.
The intuitive, interactive program is provided with novel resources that
will ease the work for the nursing staff. The programming is defined
through a set of keys installed in ergonomic fashion that reduces time
spent in programming and possible mistyping.
Common tubing.
Light and compact.
Ultra-sonic sensor.
Readjust able Occlusion sensor.
Innovative programming resources.
Certified by the normative: