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Congratulations! Your bag is going to be totally organised and beautified :) louis vuitton purse


CB brown/pink pochette (my first LV and it was at the first sight )CB pink/pink pochette

,Empriente!!! ,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Congrats on the perfect addition to the family.

,Do you have any strap suggestions for the bucket make-up bag? The chain in the bucket doesn't un-hook. A strap would make this little bag perfect for phone & cc cards while on a quick coffee run.Thanks for any ideas ,

As for the his n hers - i was doing that thing we do with my mobile phone when my BF got bored and wanted in on the fun, lol....He really is a keeper -mentioned that he could do proper pics of my collection is I wanted... He is a Tv cameraman with a photo hobby, so I'm guessing it might not be a bad idea ;-)In any case, here's the his and hers modelling as promised... louis vuitton damier

Love my Mono Galleria PM...don't have the Artsy, but like that one too! Good luck deciding. louis vuitton outlet
,Mizey- Thats cutee.I like it.DesigningStyle- Thank you. I looked for a post but couldn't find one. louis vuitton cheap,so pretty! love the pomme, congrats! louis vuitton for men,

Nice haul! vuitton bags

go for them they're hot louis vuitton bag

Congrats! louis vuitton luggage


Thank you for your opinions! I thought there was a clear choice because everyone was saying NF, but then the tides turned at the end and now I still don't know what to do! Oh well, at least my biggest problem of the day is trying to decide which LV to buy! :) louis vuitton handbags

,Artsy louis vuitton handbags.
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